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  1. Oldest German Catalogue of Venezuela Stamps
  2. Oldest French Catalog of Venezuelan Stamps
  3. Oldest American Catalog of Venezuelan Stamps
  4. Oldest Venezuelan Catalogue of Venezuela Stamps

Taking advantage of the impulse of having found an older catalogue than the one of German origin, I am going to share one that I had somewhere in my pocket.

It is not the oldest, but since I have shared an old catalogue of French origin and another of German origin, it will be sharing all the old catalogues of Venezuelan stamps that I find around.

In this case, it is a very very complete catalogue, published by The Scott Stamp and Coin Co., Limited, in 1890, and was authored by Henry Collin and Henry Calman. Its name is:

A Catalogue for Advanced Collectors
of Postage Stamps, Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers

It shows our stamps up to the official stamps of 1899 and many local stamps of La Guayra-St., Thomas.

It also shows, at the end, a section for the identification of some fakes.

Finally, it ends up showing a series of stamps that they did not know, but left as a reference. They assumed, cautiously, that they’re just fake or fantasy.


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